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Cell Phone Rental Services

With over 25 years in the wireless communications industry, we’ve been involved in it’s evolution. From the “brick” cell phone of yesterday, to today’s sleek internet connected digital cell phone, we’ve innovated and provided wireless connectivity worldwide.

Need voice, text and data – we supply the latest equipment, services and support. At international and domestic events and disasters, we’ve been the equipment supplier. The U S government, U S military, emergency services, fortune 500 companies, travel companies and the motion picture industry, have all come to us for their wireless communications needs.

We’re up to date with the latest wireless communications technology to recommend and furnish solutions for you. Just planning a trip – call or email -we’ve got a solution at a competitive price.

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AllCell™ is a leading cell phone rental company offering both long term and short term mobile phone rental solutions.

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AllCell™ is a leading cell phone rental company offering both long term and short term mobile phone rental solutions.


Veteran Owned Business

Since 1993, this Philadelphia based mobile communications rental company has been dedicated to delivering world class, hassle-free mobile phone service for domestic and international use. We specialize in renting Mobile PhonesGSM (International) Cell PhonesSatellite PhonesWiFi HotSpot and Two-Way Radios, available for domestic use.

All the mobile phones available from our rental inventory feature the most advanced wireless technology. AllCell™ ’s customers appreciate our 24-hour customer service hotline and the convenience of sampling the very latest in cell phone and mobile communications technology for travels within the United States or worldwide.

In fact, AllCell™ brings you cell phone rental packages and solutions for every continent. We are dedicated to providing the most progressive mobile phone rental services and the most competitive pricing. If you are planning a personal or business trip to EuropeSouth AmericaNorth AmericaAfrica or beyond, we have the mobile phone rental solution for you.

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Renting Cell Phones Unrestricted By Borders

By Claire Furia Smith FOR THE INQUIRER – Jan 21, 2002

During a 10-day vacation to Brazil last May, Keith Simpson needed to be in touch with his home office in New York.


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