Cell Phone Rental FAQ

Q). Will my phone work outside the United States?

Probably not- most U.S. phones only operate on U.S. systems and U.S. frequencies.

Q). So how come your phone will work outside the United States?

Allcell has phones that operate on all the various systems around the globe.

Q). How do I know what type of phone I need?

Most destinations can be serviced with a regular cellular phone appropriate for that area. Simply indicate your specific destination and we will provide you with the correct phone.
In the event you are going to be at sea or in a remote area, a Satellite phone will probably be appropriate. Check with us and we will advise you accordingly.

Q). How do I order a phone?

You can order your cellular phone online or you can request that an Order Form be faxed or emailed to you. Complete and return the Order Form to us.
We will confirm your order by fax or email.

Q). What accessories come with the phone?

All phones are shipped with a wall charger, 2 batteries, International adapters (where needed), car adaptor, belt clip, a carry case, dialing instructions and FedEx return packaging.

Q). How do I get my phone?

Phones are normally shipped via FedEx (2 day delivery). There are other delivery options available. Please see “Shipping and Returns”.

Q). When will I receive my phone?

One to two business days prior to your departure date

Q). How do I return my phone?

Allcell provides a pre-addressed, prepaid return FedEx envelope with all shipments.

Q). Does my rental period include shipping and return time?

Your rental time does not include in transit time.

Q). What if I return my phone late?

Allcell Rentals will prorate your rental period for any additional days.

Q). What if my rental is more than a week but less than a month?

Allcell prorates all rentals and will automatically charge the lowest rate applicable.

Q). What are the costs associated with renting?

Rental Rate
Airtime Rate
Sales tax - applies to equipment delivered and to be used in Pennsylvania ONLY

Q). Can your service be added to my cellphone?

No. Allcell provides you with a phone and a phone number.
You can forward calls from your own cell phone or landline phone to your rental phone. Please check with your carrier as forwarding charges and airtime may apply.

Q). How am I billed for the rental?

The credit card you provide us with when ordering will be charged after the phone has been returned. For all other types of payment contact Allcell Rentals directly.

Q). Do you require a deposit?

Generally a deposit is not required, however we do take an authorization on all rentals.

Q). What is an authorization?

An authorization is not a charge, however it will affect your available credit for 3 to 7 days depending on the bank that issued the credit card. The authorization self expires at the end of that period.
American Express customers - the authorization has no affect on your credit line.

Q). Do you accept Debit cards?

Yes, however due to the nature of the card we suggest another type of payment. Debit cards treat an authorization as a charge and immediately reduce your funds.

Q). When will I billed for the rental?

Usually billing occurs within a few weeks after the return of your phone.

Q). What do I do if I lose my phone?

Immediately contact Allcell Rentals (24 hours a day - 7 days a week) at 215-985-2355 so we can suspend the service. You will be responsible for all calls until the phone is suspended.
You are responsible for lost or damaged equipment. See “Replacement Costs” on your order.

Q). Will I be able to make calls as well as receive them?


Q). Will my phone have voicemail?

Voicemail is included with all phones except for a limited number of countries where it is not available. Check with us for details.

Q). Will I be charged for voicemail calls?

Yes, you will be charged for retrieving voicemail calls as well as for incoming calls that go directly to voicemail.

Q). Will my phone be able to send and receive text messages, e-mails and pictures?

Generally - Yes, although some types of equipment in certain markets do not support these features. Please check with us for details.

Q). What are the charges for text messages, e-mails, and pictures?

Charges vary by country. Please check with us for details.

Q). Is there a cancellation fee?

Generally - No, however if your phone has already been shipped you are responsible for the shipping charges. In the event the phone has already been delivered you are responsible for the timely return of the phone.

Q). What if my phone is not working?

In the unlikely event you experience a problem or have a question regarding your phone or phone service please contact Allcell Rentals ASAP. International customers should call Allcell Rentals at 215-985-2355. Someone is on call 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Be sure to provide us with a contact number other than your rental phone number. You will be reimbursed for any such call. See notice provided with your phone.

Q). When is my phone activated/deactivated?

Allcell’s phones are always live in case of early departures or delays.

Q). I am going to be on a boat or in an area where regular cellular service is not available, what are my options?

A Satellite phone will work virtually everywhere in the world - the middle of the ocean or in the desert. Communication is via satellite as opposed to cellular towers. As long as you can connect to the satellite your phone will work.

Q). Do I need a Satellite Phone?

Allcell Rentals offers regular cellular service is over 220 countries.
If you will be on a boat/cruise or a remote location chances are you will need a satellite phone. The best way to be sure is to contact Allcell Rentals directly.

Q). I am unfamiliar with a satellite phone, what is it and how does it work?

A satellite phone is somewhat larger and heavier than a cellular phone. In order to communicate, you must be outdoors and have a direct line of sight to the satellite. This is also true for receiving calls, consequently satellite phones are primarily used as “outbound” instruments. Satellite phones are more susceptible to dropped calls. Individuals calling a satellite phone should check with their long distance carrier for call rates. Most U.S. carriers charge $8 - $12 per minute to connect to a satellite phone.