AllCell™ Rentals Provides Satellite International Phone Rental Solutions for BC, Canada

Monthly Weekly
Rental Rates $99.95 $79.95* $39.95 $29.95*
Incoming Calls $.99 $.99
Local Calls $.99 $.99
Calls to USA $.99 $.99
Delivery Location USA USA

Being able to stay in touch while you’re on the move in a remote area—like much of Canada—provides a critical peace of mind for both you and your loved ones at home. Now, whether it’s business or adventure that calls you the province of BC (British Columbia), you can enjoy the safety and convenience of a cell phone or satellite phone Rental from AllCell™ Rentals.

Imagine world-class, hassle-free cell phone service and 24-hour customer service. AllCell™ offers the easiest cell phone Rental solutions for destinations in Canada, as well as the convenience of the very latest mobile communications technology, like state-of-the-art satellite phone services. In today’s fast-paced environment a Rental satellite phone can give you the freedom and expediency you need to conduct business, or remain in touch with your family, no matter where you are in the world…even Canada’s remote Rocky Mountains in BC!

For use in BC, AllCell™ offers both GSM cell phone Rental packages, as well as several types of satellite phone Rental services. GSM (international) cell phones operate on the most widespread global cell network and allow you to make and receive calls from over 220 different nations, including the more populated areas of BC, like Vancouver, Canada. Our satellite phone Rental services are designed to meet the needs of international mobile phone users who may be in areas where cell coverage is either unavailable or inaccessible, like some of the most remote coastal area and high alpine wilderness in British Columbia. With an international satellite phone Rental, you can make or receive a call from a glacier in the Canadian Rockies of BC or from a sea kayak off the forested coast of British Columbia!

We welcome you to explore the luxury of daily, weekly or monthly Canada cell and satellite phone Rental solutions. If you would like to apply today, visit our ORDER FORM page. For more information regarding our satellite phone Rental packages in BC, Canada, please feel free to CONTACT US.