International Cell Phone Rental

Connectivity is the number one issue for people traveling or studying abroad. Safety and getting in touch and staying in touch with family and friends is of paramount concern. To figure out which options and combinations are best for you means determining whether you intend to use data or get by without it, only making calls and sending texts. After determining your needs, a fair bit of research is required, or you can call Allcell and let us customize a rental package specifically tailored to you.

Often the question that arises is whether to bring one’s own smartphone since it already comes equipped with personal contacts and apps. Ordering an international plan from your US provider means you have the convenience of bringing your own phone, however rates are higher and this may be your most expensive option.

Renting an unlocked smartphone and international SIM from Allcell assures that you will spend less time on cellphone issues and more time enjoying your time abroad. Should an issue arise, we have 24/7 English speaking customer service representatives.

You may bring your own unlocked smartphone to your destination and purchase an international SIM card from a local provider however that SIM will often be limited to use in that country only and its prompts will direct you in the local language. While this option may be the cheapest, it is not seamless. Your phone will not always work properly because problems arise with settings necessary for the service. This required extra effort on your part means you will spend more time on cell phone issues. In addition, your phone will not work immediately upon landing.

To determine if your cellphone is unlocked, call your US carrier or borrow a SIM card from a friend whose cellphone provider is different from your own. If your phone works, your phone is unlocked.

If your phone is already unlocked and it must be, you can rent an international SIM card from AllCell here in the US, and avoid the hassle of dealing with a local company. Renting a SIM card with a voice and data plan from AllCell is more cost-effective in the long term than ordering an international plan from your US provider.In addition, you will enjoy service immediately upon arrival. If necessary, call your carrier to make certain that your phone is unlocked otherwise the SIM card will not work.

Certainly there are free communication apps like WhatsApp, and Skype to consider however, they all require an internet connection, a data plan, or WIFI, where available, but coverage is oftentimes spotty, and connections are not private and not secure.

At AllCell our focus is on making your phone rental options as simple as possible. Call us today.