Satellite Phone Rental

Cellular coverage has expanded through out the world yet there are many remote areas that lack infrastructure and times when infrastructure fails. Hurricanes, fires, volcanic eruptions. Fortunately satellite communications are available for you. Allcell provides satellite service anywhere in the world. At sea, in the desert or in the jungle. You are always in touch.

Relax! We’ve got you covered.

Worldwide coverage

FREE Incoming calls*

Post paid billing



*Except two stage calling

Weekly Rental


Includes 10 FREE Outgoing minutes

Monthly Rental


Includes 40 FREE Outgoing minutes

Outgoing airtime $2.49/minute

Optional Insurance $5.00/ day – $500.00 deductible

Why an Iridium Satellite Phone from AllCell™ Rentals? For traveling to places where cell coverage is sketchy or absent and you may need some kind of emergency communication device. Cellular coverage has expanded throughout the world yet, there are many remote areas that lack infrastructure and times when infrastructure fails; Hurricanes, fires, volcanic eruptions. Fortunately satellite communications are available to you from AllCell™ Rentals, providers of Iridium satellite service anywhere in the world. At sea, in the desert or in the jungle, you are always in touch. And when the question arises “did you take every reasonable precaution possible”, like with group trips, family forest outings, camping trips, search and rescue, cultural research studies, were actually talking with someone rather than only sending up a flair or a smoke signal could make a life and death difference. Even if you never use the satellite phone, having an Iridium Satellite Phone from AllCell™ Rentals in hand, is a great reassurance. Also conveniently available, for pickup in Los Angeles California or shipped to your location.


AllCell™ (Satellite Phone) Rentals, deliver a convenient and reasonably priced, Weekly, Monthly and Prepaid Iridium satellite phone service plan that works anywhere on the planet.


Usage of your Iridium Satellite Phone from AllCell™ Rentals, requires a clear view of the sky (not necessarily a clear sky), unobstructed by trees (or buildings). Go prepared, 911 calling is NOT available on an iridium satellite phone, so you will need to have contact numbers of emergency services in the area that you intend to have your iridium satellite phone for. However, request an Iridum 9575 and it has an emergency distress button! Contact us, we can help prior to your trip, and save the numbers you need on your AllCell™ Rentals Iridium Satellite Phone handset. Many emergency numbers can be located online prior to your trip as well. AllCell™ Rentals is not an emergency dispatch service, we rent the tools, like the Iridium 9555 or 9575 Satellite Phones, that give you confidence in difficult situations.



Your satellite phone rental comes with everything you need for worldwide communications. You receive the following:

• Iridium 9555 or 9575 Satellite Phone
• Dual Volt (110/220) satellite phone Charger
• International Adapters
• Sat phone Case
• Carry Case for all the above


Optional accessories include


• Magnetic Satellite Phone antenna for the car

• Extra Satellite Phone battery

• Car charger

• And the “Iridium satellite phone data kit” for connecting your laptop to the Internet. You may not need data on your iridium satellite phone, however if you do, the “Iridium satellite phone data kit” is the answer. With the largest most effective world coverage, iridium satellite phone data is hard to beat when you must be connected to the web.


Always be sure your Iridium phone batteries are fully charged before starting out.

Optional insurance on your Iridium phone is available and worth considering as the Iridium Satellite phone is an expensive piece of equipment to repair or replace.



The Iridium 9555 and 9575 Satellite phones look like the cordless phones in your home or office. They

have a large antenna necessary to reach the satellites. Hold the power button down for a few seconds, and the display will light up and show “registering”. Once registered (it’s found the nearest Iridium satellite) you then simply dial your number like on any AllCell™ Rentals cell phone. Keep in mind, Satellite Phones may drop calls more frequently than cell phones but it is your best insurance to communicate with emergency services “if” the situation arises.


AllCell™ Rentals provides convenient pickup in many US locations. Satellite Phone Rental Los Angeles is one of the most popular. AllCell™ Rentals satellite phone for domestic or international travel is easier now with convenient Rental locations in Los Angeles and delivery in San Francisco.

Stay connected virtually anywhere on Earth with AllCell™ Rentals’ satellite phone Rental packages, available in Los Angeles, San Francisco or delivered to your home or office. If you live in California or plan to travel through, or plan to travel overseas, while visiting in the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas, AllCell™ Rentals satellite phone Rental plans make for incredible flexibility and ease. If you plan to go somewhere remote, a satellite phone allows you freedom to call from locations worldwide. With an international, worldwide satellite phone Rental, you can take or make a call from every continent, including the middle of the ocean! AllCell™ Rentals satellite phone Rental services ( available from Los Angeles or San Francisco or throughout the US), handle international mobile phone users needs when cell coverage is unavailable or inaccessible like off the coast of San Francisco and Los Angeles.


AllCell™ Rentals provides the most progressive service plans and competitive prices on all our domestic or international satellite phone rentals. AllCell™ Rentals customers enjoy our 24-hour customer service call center and using the latest in Iridium satellite phone and mobile communications technology on short-term convenient rental basis. In today’s faster-paced world, the Iridium satellite phone you rent in San Francisco, Los Angeles or delivered to your door, can provide the freedom and “RIGHT NOW!” you need to conduct serious business on the go. Retain connection with your business, family and friends, anywhere world traveling takes you. Our convenient California pickup locations for your satellite phone rental in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas with incredible easy and trouble-free rentals. To obtain more information on our satellite phone Rental packages, call, email us today or use our convenient online form to apply today for your cell phone rental or Iridium Satellite Phone package. Or just click the order form link button in the menu above.


The name Iridium, of AllCell™ Rentals Iridium Satellite Phone Service, comes from the original plan to have 77 Satellites in active service. Iridium Satellite Phone Service is named after the element Iridium (Ir) whose atomic number is 77. The 66 low Earth orbit Iridium Satellites (plus spares to quickly recover for full service consistency), completes coverage for nearly gap free service world wide. Six rows of Eleven Satellites travel at an Earth rotation speed of over 22,000 Miles an hour, meaning your AllCell™ Rentals Satellite call will be connected to any given satellites for no more than 7 minutes until it is “gracefully handed off” to the next nearest Iridium satellite in horizon view. With low Earth orbit, of just under 500 Miles above the earth, your calls will be dependably handled and handed off Satellite to satellite as a well performed ballet, nearly never missing a step.


Cell or Satellite is a convenient question with AllCell ™ Rentals cell and satellite phone rentals. As AllCell ™ Rentals provides cellular service throughout the world by offering International cell phone rentals. Wherever you travel, we have a solution for you. Our GSM International phone rental provides service in over 220 countries with a single phone with a single phone number. AllCell™ Rental offers FREE incoming calls in over 30 countries for cell phone rental. And our rates are some of the most competitive in the industry. All rentals, cell or satellite, come with 24/7 customer support. Overnight delivery is available as well as overseas delivery through our local offices in many countries. You receive prepaid/pre-addressed return packaging with your cell and satellite phone rentals.